How we work

Hintze Hall July 2016. Natural History Museum, London

NHM Images wants to make your life simple

We offer a choice of six ready-made licence options tailored to different commercial uses. You'll be asked to select the licence that meets your requirements at the basket stage for the purchase process. Once completed, images are available for immediate download.

Images are bought using credits. We offer three different cost-effective credit packs which can be spent on images at any time before their 90 or 365 day expiry.

Licence options

Licences are non-exclusive, granted in perpetuity with worldwide language and territory rights and allow multiple uses.

Regardless of the licence option you select, we will supply you with the largest file size and resolution available.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Option 6
Online editorial content Print publishing (internal) and online editorial Print, digital and online publishing (internal and cover) Digital entertainment and editorial broadcasting Print and digital display, design, campaigns and corporate communications 3D product design
10 credits per image 20 credits per image 100 credits per image 150 credits per image 200 credits per image 400 credits per image
For web-based news, social media and blog content For books, newspapers, magazines and academic work For books, newspapers, magazines and academic work For television, film, games and apps For creative professionals, communications and exhibitions For product development
Royalty free Royalty free Royalty free - includes special collections* Royalty free - includes special collections* Royalty free - includes special collections* Rights simplified - includes special collections*
Excludes advertising and marketing Excludes advertising and marketing Includes project promotion Includes project promotion Unlimited advertising and marketing Includes project promotion

*Special collections include Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Royalty free licences allow unlimited production runs and include creative photography and specimen microscopy produced by our talented teams at the Natural History Museum.

Rights simplified licences limit production runs to 1,000. Higher production runs and exclusivity may be available by negotiation. Please contact us for further information.

Credit packs

A credit pack is the most cost-effective way to buy an image from us. Simply select the credit pack that suits your needs and start redeeming your credits against images online for immediate download. The details of our six available credit packs are listed in the table below.

Whilst licences have fixed credit values across every image, the equivalent cash cost will depend on the credit pack you purchase. This table also shows the value of each licence when purchased with the different credit packs.

Credit packs Licence options
Credit packs Number of credits Pack price Cost per credit Option 1: 10 credits.

Option 2: 20 credits. Option 3: 100 credits. Option 4: 150 credits. Option 5: 200 credits. Option 6: 400 credits.
90 day expiry Equivalent licence cost per image
Bronze 20 £110 £5.50 £55 £110
Silver 60 £275 £4.58 £46 £92
Gold 200 £850 £4.25 £43 £85 £425 £638 £850
365 day expiry Equivalent licence cost per image
Bronze+ 85 £400 £4.71 £47 £94
Silver+ 255 £995 £3.90 £39 £78 £390 £585 £780
Gold+ 850 £2,975 £3.50 £35 £70 £350 £525 £700 £1,400
Pay-per-download price £60 £120 £500 £750 £1,000 £2,000

If you prefer to pay separately for each image, a pay-per-download 'buy now' option is also available at the checkout.

All prices exclude VAT.